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South Bend Lawyer Revitalizes Your Business with Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Increasing revenue with a Chapter 11 reorganization strategy for your business

The law office of Thomas E. Panowicz LLC provides business-savvy counsel to help you get your business back on track. If debt payments are straining the operations of your company, we can return your business to being profitable by developing a customized Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan.

What is a Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

Chapter 11 bankruptcy involves a court-approved plan that reorganizes your business debts into manageable payments. Upon filing, you act as debtor-in- possession, which means you may keep your assets and continue your daily business operations during the bankruptcy process. You may also sell some of your assets with court approval.

Guiding you through the process of filing for Chapter 11

No matter how your business is organized, you may eliminate crippling business debt with a sound reorganization plan. If your business is a corporation, your personal assets are not at risk, other than the value of your investment. You may also file for Chapter 11 as an individual as a sole proprietorship or as a family business, or cannot qualify for a Chapter 13.

Our attorneys develop a customized plan of reorganization and prepare a disclosure statement that contains information concerning your assets, liabilities and business affairs. Once the court approves your documents, we attend the confirmation hearing with you to encourage your creditors to accept the plan. After the court approves or confirms your plan, you receive a discharge from the court.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy offers many benefits for your company in Indiana and Michigan

Chapter 11 allows you to mitigate and restructure your debts without jeopardizing the long-term goals of your company. A well-crafted reorganization plan allows your business to:
  • Continue daily operations
  • Keep important business assets
  • Create your own financial management plan
  • Pay your debts over an extended time period
  • Receive a debt discharge from the bankruptcy court
We strive to exceed your expectations of courteous, efficient service when our firm represents your business in a bankruptcy proceeding. If you need to shut down a business or you have both business and personal financial troubles, you may be able to extinguish your debts by filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you are facing foreclosure or own a company too small to file Chapter 11, we may structure a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan for you.
Let us eliminate your business debt with a Chapter 11 reorganization plan
The law office of Thomas E. Panowicz LLC has the business knowledge to develop an effective reorganization plan for your company. We have flexible hours and are located in South Bend, Indiana near the University of Notre Dame. We also serve clients in Michigan. Parking is free and public transportation is available. To schedule a free consultation, contact us online or call us at 574-277-2400.
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